Tripp Morris and Accessible Home Solutions are great.  He does quality work at a very fair price.  My story:  A really incompetent, crooked contractor began my work.  Luckily, Tripp came in before too much damage was done.  He corrected all the mistakes of the former contractor and continued to complete a beautiful addition.  His plumbing and electrical subcontractors did excellent work and were on the spot when needed.  One thing I really liked about Tripp, as opposed to other contractors, was that he worked right alongside the other workers every day.  They did the work together.  I highly recommend him.

- Georgette Ioup
- 504.288.2182


If you want a trustworthy, reliable, timely, consistent, and fairly priced contractor, look no further than Tripp Morris. He was an absolute joy to work with in every way possible. Not only did Tripp manage and execute our major renovation project with absolute precision and professionalism, he also did so with a smile every single day.  Tripp is a consummate gentleman. I appreciated how he was respectfully honest and direct with his feedback and guidance throughout the various stages of this renovation. I completely trusted him — and his expert staff of highly skilled carpenters — with my store and its valuable contents. Considering the scope, our project ran so smoothly, and the guys kept everything incredibly neat and tidy, knowing we had to simultaneously run our business in the midst of the gutting. Throughout this entire process, Tripp and his guys always made my life easier. I never had to worry about anything because I knew we were in good hands. That peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

- Evelyn Poitevent, Co-Owner, Feet First Inc., 4119 Magazine Street 
- 646.391.7870


As absentee owners, myself and my wife turned to AHS as a completely dependable entity to provide high quality, timely work in a safe and secure manner, without needing our constant oversight.  During the renovation, AHS had to accommodate and work around tenants-in-place, and we could depend on them with absolute trust and security around our, and our tenant’s, possessions, without needing our supervision. We highly recommend AHS, and can attest that they perform as the trustworthy General Contractor most homeowners desire, but rarely find.

- Stuart Stoller
- 415.282.1295


  “We sent Tripp the plans for our new Kitchen in our New Orleans house, and a couple of months later walked into the Kitchen and it was perfect. Since we were not here every day Tripp had to make some esthetic decisions for us (we are very picky) and he hit the right note every time. We did not have to look over his shoulder, call him and remind him of anything, wonder when he was coming to finish, or clean up after him every day (they were extremely neat according to my friend staying in our house). Tripp is a rare contractor, he is a grown up.

- Novella Smith


Tripp is of the rarest breed of contractor: he returns calls, shows up when he says he will, and I’m not afraid to leave him and his crew in my house when I’m not at home.  We have used his service in our own home and at two rental properties over the past five years, and we are always happy with the work he’s done.  Tripp has worked on just about every house on my block, and we all keep calling him back because we can see the value of the work he’s done.  

- Molly and John Sullivan
- 504.309.2408


Tripp and his crew did a great job helping us remodel our home. He does excellent work and is reliable and trustworthy, as is his entire crew. We are very pleased with the job he did for us.

- Julie Poitevent
- 504.899.1256

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